Waist Trimmer – Make You Beauty!

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Found this at a .99¬¢ store (but not THE .99¬¢ Store– a knock-off). Made in China, the WAIST TRIMMER is simply a thick belt (nylon on one side, rubber foam on the other) with a piece of velcro attached. So I’m not sure the claim of “Sauna Action” is exactly accurate. But I’m being far too cynical and should probably just heed the advice on the package– to “Trust It!” if indeed, I want it to make me “Beauty Healthy.”

On the bottom of the cover are the all-cap words (whose quirky punctuation, spelling, and spacing I have retained): “FOR MEN AND WOMEN NEOPREENE TRIMMER SERIES CAN RETAIN BODY HEAT GENERATED FORM EXERCISE & ELEVATE PERSPIRATIONHEALTHY . BEAUTIFUL . SLIM WAIST”

On the side panel: “A Convenient to trim waistline Tends to reduce bulky weight Comfortable and quickly Velcro fastener make belt adaptable to any waist size 24-46, easy – To-clearn Top grade nylon and Neoprene Rubber Foam Insulates lower back muscles using natureal body heat light.confareaeable and can be worn under clothing”

Finally, on the back is the warning: “This product contains DEHP, a Phthalate Chemical, Lead and other Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.”

2 Responses to “Waist Trimmer – Make You Beauty!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This falls into one of my favorite categories at AWMoK – Bad Translations. I collect this stuff like a crazy person. The $.99 store, especially the knock-off versions of it are a treasure trove for these types of products. I’m very jealous of this ‘neoprene trimmer rubber foam insulate confareable’ product.

    Here are two of my favorite badly translated products that I’ve posted on my Kitsch O’ The Day blog:

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