Quincy Jones Autograph

Submitted by rustyamo March 28th, 2010

I have been collecting autographs since 1973 – I have a rather large, fun, eclectic collection – I dont specialize in any type – if you have a hint of fame – I will ask you for your signature and also to take a photo with you

When Quincy Jones was promoting his autobiography “Q” – I went to the 3rd St Promenade Barnes & Noble book signing

I brought along this unique photo of Quincy conducting a orchestra made up of the cartoon characters from Warner Brothers in hopes he would sign this for me as well

As you can see he has – I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 more times after that just being out and about and he has always been very friendly.

One Response to “Quincy Jones Autograph”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love Quincy Jones. He’s a big ball of never-ending talent and taste and a nice guy to boot.

    The one and only time my father came to visit me in LA I took him to a big fancy party and Quincy Jones, who I didn’t even think knew who I was, marched right up to me and in front of my dad, who never particularly understood what I did, said ” Allee Willis, you are a total genius”. Ninety decades of therapy with my father would not have gotten him to respect me as much as those few words from Quincy did.

    Quincy is also, of course, one of the producers of my musical, The Color Purple, so I am forever indebted. I just saw him a few weeks ago when he came to the closing night of the first national tour of TCP here in LA. And will go on and on and you are in a day and I will do a and a do you a long go to him and