Carol Douglas “Full Bloom” LP art (and an appearance on Peoples Court with Sharon Brown)

Submitted by denny March 29th, 2010
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Released in 1977 and includes the track “I Got You On My Mind” written by Allee Willis.

And the following was Carol Douglas appearing on Judge Milian’s “Peoples Court”.

One Response to “Carol Douglas “Full Bloom” LP art (and an appearance on Peoples Court with Sharon Brown)”

  1. Allee Willis

    OOh, you are good, Denny! I believe this was the 4th cover I ever got, following Bonnie Raitt who recorded this same song and who it was written for, and a couple of songs by the Brecker Brothers. Carol Douglas had just had a giant enormous hit with a song called “Doctor’s Orders” and in my my early days I was na√Øve enough to think that getting a song on an album was just as good as having the single. Not even close! But it was still exciting nonetheless even though my big break was still a couple years off.

    I skipped the People’s Court clip. Those kind of shows really upset me. I went to small claims court once and got clobbered because I wasn’t savvy enough to present in my case in the concise manner the bored and brain dead judge needed. I think it’s really easy for the judgment to go to the wrong party, especially with a judge who thinks they’re all that and a slick contractor who knows how to dodge the bullet in coutrt. So I’m gonna confine my memories of Ms. Douglas to 1976 and hope she came out on the winning side all these years later.