4 Responses to “College Knits for Men and Women – 1958”

  1. Allee Willis

    In the 1950’s and 60’s knitting catalogs were more reliable than buffet tables for an abundance of cheese. In the 50s especially when everything was still so innocent and a woman’s job was solely to snag a man this a task was made much easier when wearing a handcrafted cornucopia of yarn.

    Photo numbers 1 & 2 are as classic 50’s as it gets. Photo #3: Did they glue her leg to the chair? How is she holding in that position? I love her shoe boots. I had very similar ones.

    One of my favorite things is how the woman in photo #4 got her scarf to stay in that formation. Is that knit too? And is a guy carrying a (matching) handbag?

  2. denny

    Geez Doug….these ads are amazing and I have to say I love the girl holding the radio next to her as if she has trouble hearing. I remember the days walking through the mall with a boom box. It wasn’t pretty. How ya been, Doug?

  3. Douglas Wood

    Yes, the radio-to-ear is my favorite visual too.

    I’m doing well, thanks. I’m actually in Chicago for the weekend– for a party celebrating my dad’s turning 90.

    Staying in a guest room at my parents’ suburban condo complex that must’ve been decorated in 1985– everything’s dusty rose (including the painted walls, wallpaper and plush carpeting) with shiny black pseudo Art Deco furniture. Lots of those sliding vertical strip blinds (do they have a name?) on the windows and huge (dusty rose) floral valances.

    And lo and behold, found quite a few kitschy chotchkes in my own parents’ place. Being selective, I took a picture of my favorite item, which, of course, I’ll be sharing with my AWMoK friends when I return.

    Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your Easter and/or Passover or just regular Sunday, depending on the traditions (or lack thereof) in your household.