6 Responses to “INSIDE HAILEYS HEAD”

  1. Allee Willis

    Hailey Is one developed seven-year-old! She covers many areas in her dreams. I would like to hear a bit more about the specifics. I’m most curious about the torso capping off the chimney. Does she wear those high heels in the dreams or are they mom’s?

  2. monica johnson

    oh. i meant to write she is in seventh grade, but 7 years old gives it a whole other life. It is a Sunday night, dreading Monday and school..( not well liked, she dreams of a super hero with three sets of muscular arms to protect her in gym class..they don’t like that she is overdeveloped) She’s in her mothers room waiting for dinner to go on the table. im not sure why the woman is going down the chimmeny in heels but i think high heels play a big part in all Haileys dreams. a form of liberation and being tall. but then im not really sure what i meant by all of it..just seemed right.

  3. monica johnson

    After reading your comments i went back to take a closer look. time/perspective To me it is all the things that could save her