2 Responses to “The DeCastro Sisters (a tribute) article and pictures”

  1. Allee Willis

    As the person credited with discovering The Del Rubio Triplets I can always appreciate a good sister act. I had the pleasure of meeting the DeCastro Sisters at a private party in Las Vegas in 1991 and getting an autographed photo. The only thing more astounding than seeing their wardrobe, makeup and hair in the photo was seeing them in person. I could hardly breath.

    When I was really young my parents always sang me a song called “The Maharajah of Magador,” recorded by The DeCastro Sisters in 1952. It had this great exotic tom tom beat to it that I’m still completely intrigued with and use a lot in my songs. So I was always aware of who The DeCastro Sisters were. I’m pretty sure I also saw them on Ed Sullivan. Anyway, I’m sorry to see all three of them have passed on to another dimension. Hopefully their hair and makeup is still piled high and they are giving a grand performance up there for the Maharajah himself.

  2. denny

    Such a cool story and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of your little adventures! If I had met them I would have swooned. When I met Shirley Bassey, she touched my cheek and said “darling those eyes”….Talk about swooning! That was just one of my little moments I had at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center a few years back.