7 Responses to “S &P SQUIRREL, cause everyone knows how squirrels like to season their nuts.”

  1. Allee Willis


    At first I thought it was made of wood but then detected the gleam of ceramic.

    I love that a squirrel’s a souvenir from Santa Clara, California. No, wait… does that say Santa CLAUS, California? (just outside Santa Barbara). If so, it’s amazing that a souvenir from Santa Claus would be a squirrel. At least he could’ve been dressed appropriately.


    It does indeed say Santa Claus! I suppose I could find him a tiny hat and beard. He’s one of my fav’s…I will post some more later; glad you like him ( how could you NOT? )!

  3. shirlie williams

    I think your right Allee, cruets are defined a having spouts I think and are for oil & vinegar…maybe its an Brit thing, I grew up calling S&P sets as cruets. This ones very cute.