Buddy Cole “Have Organ Will Swing”

Submitted by denny April 3rd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I bet she feels good on that swing, swaying back and forth in the cool breeze of the noon day sunshine. The threads she is wearing are groovy too and I am sure adds to her already existing, happy state of mind. I have to track down a copy of this.

7 Responses to “Buddy Cole “Have Organ Will Swing””

  1. Allee Willis

    I love literal translations of album titles into graphics on LP covers.

    I do think the chick’s getting a little slap-happy on that swing, legs open to every Tom, Dick and bird that flies by.

    The fact that there’s no evidence of an organ or Buddy Cole on the cover means that this music is probably pretty generic. All of which is fine as the Hammond organ gives anything a hit of soul.

    • windupkitty

      aaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! echo chamber and seashell.you guys just made me spit coffee! i’m serious! good thing i have hard wood floors!