Cuban-Hebrew Temple, Miami Beach

Submitted by DetroitKent April 6th, 2010

i first wandered temple beth smuel about 8 years ago. i don’t remember the last time i attended, but i do remember the warm, welcoming feeling each time i went there. i went in the morning. the few congregants were elderly cuban men (they spoke spanish). it was orthodox with a separate section for women. every time i attended they called me up for an alliah?, an honor usually reserved for members or benefactors. all synagogues serve breakfast of some sort – this synagogue included herring in the meal.

2 Responses to “Cuban-Hebrew Temple, Miami Beach”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, the architecture is gorgeous. I might get religious if a place that looked this Gaudi Atomic were nearby.

    Second, I love the detail of herring for breakfast. Though I would’ve preferred bagel and lox and a chocolate Danish.

    I love Miami Beach. Greatest architecture in the world. I can only hope that the inside had as many great modern touches as the outside.

  2. windupkitty

    wow, that’s incredible! Gaudi Atomic….you nailed it completely!!!!!!! Wow, the Gaudi buildings are so amazing..can we see some pics of the inside? i bet it’s beautiful!