18 Responses to “Jerry Irby “Hot Line To Heaven” lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love LPs that have a concept, in this case “Hot Line to Heaven”, where they carry through the concept with the font treatment and then just do the most basic thing possible with the visual. Here Jerry is all dressed up in his almost Madras crinkle cut suit and matching guitar, attempting to reach heaven on a phone that he probably grabbed out of his daughter’s room. Maybe a little red light on the phone may have helped add to the urgency.

    I trust that Mr. Irby has reached his destination by now. I hope this phone went with him.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Is this phone floating in space or am I missing something? And it’s not plugged in, or is that standard for phones that connect to heaven? In any case, GREAT LP cover!

    • Allee Willis

      I was so out of it yesterday – bad cold settling in – that I didn’t even notice the floating, non-plugged in phone! OMG! I got very distracted by whatever is creating a shadow in the back of the phone. Unless it’s some hamburger grease that dripped there while someone was listening to Mr. Irby and his fine suit my only guesses were that the shadow was a turtle or a movie projector. Denny, do you own this LP or did you just snag a photo of the cover? I think we need a lot more mysteries solved re it. And agree with windup below, titles please!

  3. windupkitty

    If there is indeed a hotline to heaven, I trust completely that Jerry Irby is on the other side of it….i wish i could call him right now….ya gotta play this for us!!!!!!!

  4. denny

    Here you go gang!

    Bagatelle 92875 Hot Line To Heaven: Brother Am I Happy; You Must Be Born Again; My Short Testimony; Believe; Love Is The Key; Hot Line To Heaven; Just Take The First Step; Every Day; Easter Time; Christmas Time. I believe this was issued in 1975.

  5. denny

    Ewwwww. The little bit of research that I have done is interesting. If reading correctly (glasses don’t always work for me!!) he’s recorded quite a few things! Let’s bring him out of hiding!

    • windupkitty

      oh eah, he’s a fantastic singer and guitar player, but it looks like he got saved on this album.surprised to hear all the religious stuff! i have stacks of his 45s (i really don’t kid around when it comes to records,in case ya haven’t noticed…i’ve been collecting since i could fork over a few cents at my local record shop and i’ve never looked back).i LOVE his voice,his arrangements and his chops!!! looking up a youtube now…..there’s gotta be some irby somewhere.

    • Planet Joan

      Yesss! It was so good having you shop at the Thrift Store today- or I never would have found this fabulous site and share fun music! Thanks again!

  6. denny

    Joan it was a pleasure meeting you today and thank you for letting me into the inner sanctum, the pricing room! So with that said, welcome aboard and PLEASE, post your own stuff here too! Don’t forget to have a look around AWMoK.com, the kitschenette is a small part of this and allows us all to share things that would other wise be forgotten. See you at the shop again soon.

  7. windupkitty

    Yeah welcome joan!!! and Ernest Tubb! oh hell yess!! Jack Elliot does a great version of that song too….can’t wait to hear what you know about tunes!!!!!!!!! keep the info coming!!!!!