Vintage Male Fantasy Machine

Submitted by Douglas Wood April 6th, 2010

I found this small (5″ x 4″) framed, vintage print at an estate sale years ago and was struck by how provocative it is from our contemporary perspective. I have no idea what its history is, but it looks like it’s from the 1920’s or maybe earlier (no markings or description on the back). Interesting how the smug man operating the machine that transforms dowdy, middle-aged matrons into svelte, demure young ladies is overweight and pig-like in appearance. Double standard?

3 Responses to “Vintage Male Fantasy Machine”

  1. Allee Willis

    Always a double standard at work, even more so back then when this was made. The mealy man getting all the stylish gals or at least exerting enough control over them to make them into fantasy goddesses.

    Beautifying oneself should only be as simple as stepping into a machine. I’m sure this will happen one day. I In the meantime, Mr. Porky ought to take a step into that machine himself.