3 Responses to “A Granny Apple Green Wall Clock”

  1. Allee Willis

    Most apple clocks you see are sliced straight across. This one is so unique because it’s cut just like you would cut a real apple. I also like that the stem and leaves are painted dark green, and a little sloppily at that, which means it was most likely hand-done. Also love the little apple seeds accenting the numbers.

    Is there a date anywhere on it? The numbers look very 1960’s.

    Can’t quite make out the manufacturer’s name so lettuce know that too.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Ingraham is the maker. There’s a red apple sealed in original box on eBay right now dated 1970s. I’d say very early 70’s with a 60s influence. You know your type fonts.

  3. shirlie williams

    Ive seen a red one of these but for the life of me I cannot remember where, I will ponder this throughout the day now !!