6 Responses to “The Complete Ty Karim “Los Angeles Soul Goddess” collection lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have no idea what Ty’s voice sounds like and, God knows, my standards are high in that particular area but from the looks of everything else this is one soul sista who has great potential.

    Ok, wait, I just heard “Lighten Up Baby” on Youtube. A little throaty for my tastes but classic late 60’s/ early 70’s Pop Soul arrangements, just like I like ’em.

    I LOVE Ty’s perfected sculpted and solid late ’60’s bowl cut Afro.

    The fishnet sleeves on her dress and or whatever this particular piece of fashion can be called are killing me. I love that they’re so long they’re wrapped around the bottom of the chair and one of her heels is stuck in it.

    Her shoes are a little conservative for a Soul Goddess though all of one’s focus goes to the bowl cut Afro and lobster net passing for sleeves so I guess the shoes don’t provide that much of a distraction.

    I’m also not sure what’s happening with her left breast. Some peculiar shadows there and it doesn’t really match her right breast.

    Although I thought I was Los Angeles’ Soul Goddess I never wrote a song with as great a title as “Wear Your Natural, Baby”.

  2. denny

    Oh no you don’t! YOU ARE the soul Goddess. I now also consider you my soul teacher too! I’m 44 years old and I’m in awe of what I HAVEN’T heard in the soul world. Earth Wind and Fire were played at my proms andI have been listening to them a lot lately. Spirit, Faces, Touch The World, All ‘N All, I Am, S/T, Last Days And Time, Open Your Eyes, That’s The Way Of The World, Gratitude, Raise!, Powerlight, Heritage…your teaching me well.

  3. Facebeater

    I knew Ty Karim back is the middle 70’s, I don’t recall how or where we met but I do recall her being very sweet and low key. I think I may have done her make-up at some point. She would tell me she was a singer but never really turned me on to any of her recordings. It wasn’t until this Kent Cd was issued that I put two and two together when I saw her name.

    Her backing track on her song ‘Lighten Up Baby’ was also used on Ike & Tina Turner’s Loma single ‘Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You’ as well as another Loma single release, ‘Go For Yourself’ by Larry Laster. I really dig her track ‘Wear Your Natural, Baby.’

    To this day I cherish a very special photo that she signed and gave to me, I will always remember her. R.I.P.

  4. Facebeater

    Sadly Ty passed away on February 16, 1983 from breast cancer.

    Her daughter Karime Kendra Harris has also followed in her mother’s footsteps and has been a featured vocalist on several recorded projects, she now lives in London.