3 Responses to “Diana Ross Barbie”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a Diana Ross doll made in the late 70s by the same manufacturer who made the Farrah, Sonny & Cher and Captain & Tenille dolls but nothing fancy like this Bob Mackie version Barbie.

    Did she come with any additional outfits?

    I was friends with Bob Mackie in the 80’s and got to see some of these clothes up close. I was never the gown type but if I would’ve switched for anyone it would have been him. Diana Ross also recorded a bunch of my songs, including ‘What About Love’ from The Color Purple but nothing that was a big hit. Always fun to see the dolls when you know the people.

    Don’t you think the doll’s face looks a little more like Cher (in her Half Breed days) than Diana?

  2. denny

    No, no, no Allee, this doll looks like RuPaul who has also sung your songs! Funny, Diana Ross and RuPaul did do a duet filmed in WEst Hollywood which was the remake of “I Will Survive”. The queens went wild that evening!