6 Responses to “Get your Fred-Hot Dogs here!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful! I’ve seen tons of ceramic dachshunds but not wrapped in buns like these. Are they just sculptures or are they serving pieces? Can’t see if their backs are carved out for mustard or something.

    How do Fred dogs taste? I LOVE hot dogs.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Initially, I thought these were just ornamental, but I can now see that the larger of the two dogs has a big cork in his butt, so I guess he’s storing something.

    The hot dogs were really great, as were the Belgian cut fries.

  3. Douglas Wood

    From the Belgian fries website:

    A definition of what makes fries Belgian Fries:

    freshly cut, irregularly shaped
    cooked (fried) twice
    fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside
    a distinct potato taste
    at least 10 mm thick
    preferably served in a paper cone
    If 1 of these characteristics is absent, please do not use the term Belgian Fries, just call them fries (or French fries if you prefer).