6 Responses to “Macho, Sexist Kleenex”

  1. Allee Willis

    How on earth did I miss this when it was out?? What year were these on shelves?

    Was there a female version too? What would those have been, the size of a toilet tissue? I never realized that men had more manly secretions coming from the nasal passage. I’ve had a cold for the last week and let me tell you I could go toe to toe or, I guess, nose to nose with any man out there in regards to what’s been pouring out of me. I’ve gone through four boxes of lotion-ladden Puffs and counting.

    And one on earth does the Queen of England have to do with it??!

  2. windupkitty

    Hahahaaa!!!!! I’ve only ever seen these in Ireland and the UK (not even in the rest of Europe)….I guess the boogers of American and European women are liberated and have more equal rights…….

    As far the Queen and her Mother appointing (anointing?) these boxes, your guess is as good as mine……As far as I can remember, not every product (least of all, kleenex boxes) is graced with such a label, perhaps these are more special than we know……..

    Sorry about your cold! Feel better!!!!! Have you tried drinking too much scotch, crying pitifully, and throwing darts at a pic of Dick Cheney? Usually makes me feel better…..

    • windupkitty

      Oh, I forgot to answer your questions! These were out in the late nineties and maybe even early 2000’s…..I never saw anything especially for women….these are huge, like paper towels, but folded like kleenex and about as soft……

  3. Douglas Wood

    I get “Mansize strength” and “Mansize reliability,” especially if we’re dealing in gender stereotypes, but what the hell does “Mansize softness” mean? Would that be softer or harder than Womansize softness?

  4. Nessa

    Oh brother. All this masculinization (??) of neutral things that don’t need masculinizing (??) (like soap) kind of drives me nuts!

    I would think a manly tissue would be one you could sand a board with or use as a tent.