4 Responses to “Oh Yes!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love bad translations. These are a little less inept than I normally like which, in a way, makes them even better because though they’re almost there they still topple off the shelf in terms of what they really should be saying. Especially a line like ‘Presents for your delicious taste.’ which makes no sense as a sentence. The title is also exceptional.

    What’s inside of them? Are they cake or cookie like?

  2. Nessa

    This was a few years ago that I had the pleasure of eating these, but if I recall correctly they were cakey with a crispy-like bit in the middle, and kind of dry overall. They were pretty tasty, I guess I would agree with “World Best”

  3. livylulu

    i bought these for my g-friend to add to her office decor, and she ate them! (hope she saved the box) she said they were quite good.