Furry-headed Wooden Dolls

Submitted by Douglas Wood April 14th, 2010

I’d love to hear fellow Akitschionados guesses as to what the story is behind these odd wooden dolls. Are they Eskimos or from some Scandinavian country? Is the fur on their heads supposed to be hair or a hat? What are they blowing into– a flute, a horn, a pipe? And why are they so long? Their heads swivel and their arms move, but the strange four-toed feet are stationary.

One Response to “Furry-headed Wooden Dolls”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, them look like some mofo Eskimo flute players. It’s funny because I wrote that as soon as I saw the photo and before I read your description and couldn’t make it decision as to whether I was going to say Eskimo or from some Scandinavian country.

    I vote that the fur is hair.

    My first vote in the instrument department is a flute but the more I look at it I’m hoping it’s some fabulous kind of hooka (sp?) and they have a crevice drilled into their head.

    Their feet look like golf clubs or whatever the equivalent is called in hockey.

    I guess their feet are stationary so they’re assured of sitting up in order to do their smoking, blowing or whatever else the artist had in mind.