4 Responses to “Toni Basil “Shoppin A to Z” promo 12″ and 7″ inch single in paper bag sleeve”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m so tired of saying the songwriter is often the last to know but it’s SO TRUE. I co-wrote this song in 1981 and never ever saw this bag sleeve. I’m sure I don’t have the 12 inch either.

    Toni was one of my best friends and a completely brilliant-to-this-day choreographer. We shot the video at an abandoned rail supermarket. I’m the one in the green pants and long, long hair. My co-writer, Bruce Roberts, writer of many hit songs, is the old drag woman in bright red lipstick. All our friends, including Bruce’s parents and Toni’s boyfriend, are in the video.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Love the brown grocery bag sleeve. That’s how I would have designed it too. It’s all about presentation!
    Also….love the video!