3 Responses to “Weltron 2005 Space design 8 Track Player”

  1. Allee Willis

    This players are GORGEOUS!!!

    The Weltron was one of the first things I bought on eBay when it first went online in late 1998. I was so excited because I had been looking for one forever. It came from Canada and was unfortunately totally smashed in the box when I opened it up. This was my Introduction to lunatic sellers on eBay. This idiot was incensed with me because it arrived completely smashed. In the meantime he had put it in a box with no packing material so it got slammed around during its entire trip. I was out 600 bucks and the gadget of my dreams but it wasn’t worth fighting with the lunatic to get reimbursed. I still get the shivers every time I see one of these but would only buy it if I saw it in person and drove it home myself.

    Do you collect vintage players?

  2. Saro

    I use to but I don’t own these anymore had to clean out some of my collection the only thing I still own is a Motorola Receiver/8 Track player that still works.