4 Responses to “Lady Head Vase in purple”

  1. Allee Willis

    Vintage lady head vases aren’t that rare despite the fact that they’re usually really expensive. The first time I ever saw one I went nuts but then realized there were so many of them around I stopped collecting them. But if I were to buy one again this would be the one I’d buy. Her hats/hair is insane, like a big tuft of cotton candy with Kleenex looking flowers stuck in the gunk. The hairdo is early 1960s on acid and any other pharmaceutical that was available back then

    I love how serene she is despite having that heavy load on her head to carry around.

  2. denny

    Not that rare but people ask ridiculous prices for them. I only buy them if I can get them for a really decent price. Like as gifts or priced at $5.00 or under!