Tri Polar Woman. The third personality is taking the picture.

Submitted by monica johnson April 20th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Tri Polar woman is a self portrait. She is made with a half a wooden mini dress form (like they used to have a jc pennys in the fabric department) fabric left over from red carpet dresses. Her legs are different one Porcelian the other bisque. The box that holds the legs is a jewelry or display box, not sure.

first bi polar is 50’s or 60’s fashion doll. The second is a head from a jewelry display, the one you don’t see, me, is made of skin and bone .

the big white hand is from a ceramic clown

Most things found at thrift store. This time it was Revivals . not the me character of course. she was found inside a womb.

One Response to “Tri Polar Woman. The third personality is taking the picture.”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love these interpretations of you. Tri Polar is so much more impressive than Bi Polar. And leaves far more room for artistic interpretation. The beauty of being an artist of any sort is that you get to explore yourself whether that’s the topic or not. Once it’s actually the topic, combined with the fact that you’re exploring it visually, building your self/selves piece by piece, it makes it all that more interesting for the observer because they get to see such an intimate slice of the real thing.

    I love the heads growing out of each other. Which one is the more studious with the giant eyeglasses? I also love that there’s room for the third leg but it’s over on the other side of the room taking the photo.