“Dear God…” Pillow

Submitted by Douglas Wood April 21st, 2010

This pillow reminds me of those cloying comic strips (like Family Circus) in which kids say excruciatingly cute/wise things that are supposed to pluck our heart strings. The company that made this pillow, Intercontinental Greetings, Ltd., offers a whole slew of similar products, all with the same schlocky style of illustration.

One Response to ““Dear God…” Pillow”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m with you on finding this kind of illustration INCREDIBLY CLOYING. Way wayyyy WAY too cute for my tastes. And then the text trying to look graffiti-ish but not really. And then the fact that these kind of illustrations end up all over pillows, greeting cards, cups and anything else that it takes no imagination to put an image on. And, really, what does “Dear God” have to do with any of it anyway? Having worked on The Color Purple musical for over five years, “Dear God”, which each of Celie’s letters begin with in the first half of Alice Walker’s book, has far more significance than some floppy dog having something on his mind.