Submitted by Connie April 21st, 2010
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Another North Ft. Myers, Florida icon!

Freshly painted for the 2010 season, cherry and all, this wonderful waffle-cone, soft-serve-ice-cream-shaped hut was the VERY FIRST, Original Twistee Treat hut ever built. About 90 were manufactured over the years; fewer than half remain, mostly in Florida.

The design was created by Robert G. Skiller, who opened 23 units around Florida, starting with this one in North Fort Myers in 1983. The company filed for bankruptcy in early 1990.

They started with 6 soft-serve flavors, directly competing with Dairy Queen, but this one now carries about 26. There is no grill or indoor seating, and it sits on the edge of a depressing strip mall parking lot, hard by a noisy 4-lane thoroughfare. It’s a must-see place for our guests and we come here as often as our diets will allow!

The very nice Indian family owners run it like something out of an old Carol Burnett/Tim Conway luncheonette skit. You MUST place your order at the right-hand window. You then MUST proceed 3 feet to the left-hand window to receive your cone, even if you are the only customer (often the case), and he is the only worker (ditto).

The ice cream is fabulous, the auto-fume-soaked ambiance is somehow just right, and we always leave a tip.

3 Responses to “TWISTEE TREAT Ice Cream Hut”

  1. Allee Willis

    I would pull over for sure if I saw Twistee Treat while driving. Ice cream always tastes much better when it comes out of some place that looks like this. I wish we had them here in Los Angeles.

    I love the window rules. I would be happy to observe them as the Twistee people take so much pride in their hut. I love that the rules are observed even if you’re the only customer and there’s only one employee present. This is as it should be!

    I’m loving Ft. Myers even more having seen Twistee Treat! And thanks for all the great detail.

  2. denny

    I don’t remember seeing this as I drove through Fort Myers but then again, Allee has me viewing my surroundings in a whole new way. Great post!

  3. shirlie williams

    I also love the window rules..It reminds me of a very small shop?post office in a village in Devon…one small counter in a very tight shop ,one guy behind the counter..I asked for a bar of choc and book of stamps , for the stamps you have to go to Post Office counter he said….this was one side step to the left of the counter ,were he also moved one step then sold me the stamps !!!!! Prticeless.. I wish we had these Ice Cream huts in the UK its wonderful..