Mink Stole Photograph

Submitted by denny April 22nd, 2010

I used to see Mink here and there as I used to take care of a friend of hers, Tom Villard. Tom was an actor and well, most people know Mink. This was taken at a Christmas party in Silverlake. Mink was one of the few people that would even give me the time of day. Among a certain circle, once I disclosed that I wasn’t in show business, people would literally walk away mid sentence when at parties, oh well……Mink was a doll!

2 Responses to “Mink Stole Photograph”

  1. Allee Willis

    Mink and I go way back. We met at a Pamela DesBarres (Queen of the groupies) party in the early 90’s. People always assumed we knew each other just as they did me and Mink’s mentor, John Waters, but I had never met either of them. I still have never met John.

    Mink and I bonded and she was a faithful party regular over here. A really great gal and excellent movie star (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Cry Baby, Female Trouble, Polyester, Desperate Living, Pecker, Serial Mom and more).

    I was friends with Tom Villard too.

  2. denny

    Tom was one of the kindest human beings I had ever met. Mink now has 55 films to her credit but I don’t follow the Dreamland crew like I used to. I met John and he was so wonderful. He has a place in P-town and see him riding his bike around. Last year i met him in P-Town, he was so cool. When he had a working script called “Glamour Puss”, I had sent him the Mari Wilson song, of course called “Glamour Puss”. The film never got made.