Old Sow

Submitted by Nessa April 24th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I bought one of those crocheted poodles on a bottle a while ago, pink with rhinestone eyes. I’ll submit a pic of that later, but what was funnier was the bottle the poodle was crocheted onto.

I brought it home and the poodle was stitched onto the bottle without being able to remove it for drinking. Well, I didn’t like that, and plus I wanted to see what was inside to make sure it wasn’t something illegal and/or dangerous… and I had some bottles that were just begging to be covered with a pink rhinestone-eyed crocheted poodle. So I carefully removed the poodle and transferred it to one of my own bottles.

The bottle inside the poodle was a real hoot!

Old Sow: You won’t like it, it won’t like you.
HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE! Keep away from hot pipes!

Aged 999 yrs. in a swill barrel.

YES, it has liquid in it. No, I haven’t opened it. I’m kind of scared to open it. It’s about 1/4 full. I don’t know what to do with it. The bottle says “not for sale or re-use”… knowing the area where I bought it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were full of moonshine.

Copyright 1945 Lanker Labels – Grand Rapids.

I really don’t know if it’s some kind of fakey label you could put on a bottle or if it was some actual product and/or liquor. I looked for info on the internet but I could find none.

Actually, the “HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE” part was the only thing I could read through the loops of the crocheted poodle, so I momentarily freaked out thinking some granny had crocheted the poodle onto something really dangerous!

One Response to “Old Sow”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although it looks kinda sorta professionally printed this looks like a homemade job to me or at least something that stayed in the local area where it was printed. My vote is some kind of moonshine too, highly explosive in the pipes of the body as that stuff was so strong. Whatever the case I bet that Granny swilled some back before she started crocheting, got carried away and forgot that she needed to leave the poodle’s head separate so that the botlle could be uncorked OR it really was for hot pipes in the home, granny inhaled the fumes and ended up with the same result.