sara and her thrift shop

Submitted by monica johnson April 24th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Another piece for the wonderful ladies at Angel View Thrift Store. This is Sara who always tries to save litte odd things for me..and her hand is always in her pocket where she keeps a pad and pen.

the doll is porcelain with stuffed legs. I don’t know where i got her. the other stuff is all found at Sara’s Store

7 Responses to “sara and her thrift shop”

  1. Allee Willis

    You’re a lucky lady indeed to have your own personal lady stashing things away for you at a favorite thrift shop. And how lucky is Sarah to have an artist honor her in such a way.

    What is the pink thing that everything is mounted on?

    The miniature cornrowed Cabbage Patch baby scares me as much as the real dolls do.

    What’s the black thing with the monogrammed ‘S’?

    I love that Sara’s hand is always in her pocket and you have remained true to her most basic characteristics.

  2. monica johnson

    she is mounted on the cut wood i use, painted pink. the black thing is a rolling toy , the letter S (sara) It is making me worry because i made her hair orange..which it is in real life, but i wonder if she thinks its blonde..i dont want to hurt her feelings i like the orange.
    Im also afraid of not taking the things she puts aside for me, even tho some are all wrong.i guess i made this because I live in fear of her. .

    • Allee Willis

      That’s hysterical giving the thrift shop lady all that power…

      I’m sure that her orange hair started out blonde that she must be aware of the hues it’s taken on through the years and thousands of peroxide bottles. She will be beyond touched that you made this piece for her and perhaps the orange hair will inspire her to go even oranger.

      As far as her putting things aside for you that are right, having had that relationship with several thrift store owners it’s way better to be honest about what’s right and what’s wrong so she learns and gets more accurate in the future. The trick is that you have to go completely overboard in your praise of the things that are right so that the things that are wrong won’t hurt her. She’ll get more and more on the nose with a little direction.

      And compliment her on her hair.