The Soul of Kijana “Unfolds In Music” LP

Submitted by denny April 24th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Not too sure of the year of this release but apparently this guy used to own a very famous hair salon in LA. If i find the back cover info again, I’ll post it. I am dying over this hand drawn cover!

12 Responses to “The Soul of Kijana “Unfolds In Music” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    This cover is killing me. It’s sooooo handmade. Kijana probably spent a fortune xeroxing it or whatever the duplication process was back when this was made.

    Nothing as great in Kitsch album cover design as when words get cut off when the covers are actually cut. Unfortunately for Kijana it was a very crucial word, MUSIC.

    I absolutely love the unfolding graphic! But not more than I love love love K’s giant multi-folded bow tie that’s half the size of his head.

    For a guy who owned a hair salon Kijana certainly hacked out a big chunk of his Afro at the neckline.

  2. denny

    Allee, would this be considered an “afro mullet”? What kills me is that I believe his shirt is black ruffles. If you look very closely, I think it is indeed a black ruffled shirt outlined in white? What do you think? Tell your assistant by the way, to be very careful in opening your recent package with anything sharp. You definitely don’t want to cut the kitsch inside of the box!

  3. Allee Willis

    I believe you are right on the nose about both the ruffles on the shirt and correctly identifying this hairstyle as an “Afro Mullet”!!

    I will make sure that nothing sharp penetrates the box. I will probably rip it open with my teeth. Can’t wait!

  4. denny

    Excitement is good. Hint number 3…….It is something that even you don’t own but have expressed an interest in the piece.

  5. denny

    Oh Allee…..It’s killing me not to tell you. As soon as I found out you did not own it, I went hunting and got you one! Hint number 4……Hot 100.

  6. Allee Willis

    Hot 100 can still mean any one of over 1000 songs. I know we discussed me not owning some of the stuff you posted but the nature of my brain is to clear everything out of it as soon as I’m done discussing so whatever I have to write, as I’m always writing, just flows. I’m much better with surprises though so I’ll just check the mailbox every day in anticipation of having an evermore complete archives now that I know YOU!! Very exited.