1. Allee Willis

    When I first started collecting vintage fashion the first purse I found was an armadillo. I knew that it was a hot possession to own but it did freak me out that it was a real animal. So I stared at it in my drawer for about 15 years and then finally sold it in my first and only garage sale. It was one of the best armadillo bags I’ve ever seen, in perfect condition down to the little manicured nails but I couldn’t stand digging into an animal to find my wallet so bid it fond adieu in hopes that the next owner gave it as comfortable a home. This new repro model seems to have found the perfect solution being a cloth armadillo who won’t feel the pain every time you invade him to pull something out.

  2. denny

    I am laughing so hard over this comment. This is such a great bag and I’d carry it or maybe use it as a beach bag or something……so cool.