12 Responses to “The Cooper Family “I’m God’s Child” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the Cooper family perfectly posed against their fake brick wall and fire place, the women swathed in matching draperies and men in their matching red, white, black and in Pop’s case, gray finery. Mom’s glasses appear to be the strength of a telescope and her hair is teased just high enough so it doesn’t catch on the metal extending out their Atomic sunburst-but-with-too-much-else-going-on clock.

  2. denny

    I think it’s funny how they are all looking in various directions. Mom’s hair makes her much taller than Dad. I love The Cooper Family.

  3. Zeppy

    I really think what compliments this Hideously wonderful picture are those abyssimally wondenderful mantle decorations on both sides.

  4. denny

    I grew up seeing fake brick on fireplaces like this. This was at my Mom’s sisters house. Aunt Loretta had the best fireplace as the fake logs were illuminated by light bulbs that made the room appear to have a deep orange glow when turned on.

    • Allee Willis

      I still see vintage fake fireplaces around a lot. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. On your side of the country I would imagine most people actually light their fireplaces. I’ve lived in my house 30 years and have never lit it once, only plugged in my fake one. When you’re out here this summer you should definitely hit the Sunday flea markets. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one lurking at one of them.

  5. denny

    I will most likely be hitting the flea market at Fairfax and Melrose when I am out there. I was a regular there when I lived down the street from it. I posted a fireplace clock here. It’s a clock incorporated into a fireplace with logs at the bottom that light up with the help of one of those tiny christmas bulbs. Clock does not work but I am hoping the light portion does.

    • Allee Willis

      That’s ok but you should hit one of the big ones too. I haven’t been to any in a while but Pasadena City College first Sunday of every month, Rose Bowl second Sunday (although lot of new stuff is mixed in but old still abounds) and Long Beach third Sunday.