Weiner Dog Dresser Caddy

Submitted by Nessa April 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not sure if somebody has posted one of these already or not, it seems familiar. I found this in a cabinet while going through some of my grandparents’ old things. I guess it was my grandpa’s. I am more than happy to adopt it.

3 Responses to “Weiner Dog Dresser Caddy”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t remember anyone else posting this pup before so it’s virgin territory for him here at AWMoK.

    He looks tiny. Is he only three or 4 inches long?

    I collect this kind of ceramic whenever I see it. You can never have too many places to put paperclips, rubber bands and other crucial desk necessities. I end up working on a tiny corner of my desk because I have so many little ceramic friends waiting on the rest of the surface to serve me.

  2. Nessa

    He’s fairly large. The slot in the back is big enough to hold a wallet and maybe a checkbook as well. The tray in the bottom is large enough for all your spare change or cufflinks.

  3. denny

    Like Allee says, “this is insane”! I collect Dachshund stuff. This makes me sooooo jealous as it is one of those items that baffles me. I could never figure out why someone would want to put a plant in something that could hold your change or jewelry at the same time. I own 8 large planters that are orange/tan in color, that style was common. I have never seen this particular piece before.