Moose Head Creamer

Submitted by denny May 2nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I’ve seen these out and about but NEVER found one for $5.00! Got this today at a garage sale here on Cape Cod. I wonder if there is a whole dinner wear set relating to this lone moose? Can’t quite make out the print on the bottom, but it almost looks like is says “Aux……..”? Just can’t make it out. Enjoy, this is a keeper for me.

2 Responses to “Moose Head Creamer”

  1. Allee Willis

    Could there be anything else going on on the top of this thing?! This moose looks lethal there’s so many sharp points.

    What really doesn’t make sense here to me is that there are holes in his ears so when the cream pours out of his mouth won’t it dribble out of the sides as well? Not that this diminishes my love for this creamer. The more ill-conceived it is the higher the its kitsch grade.

  2. denny

    I think we just need to be careful when pouring. Oh I just thought of something, I have a trunk full of items waiting to be photographed. Gotta run…..