3 Responses to “yogi system of birth control vintage novelty”

  1. Allee Willis

    But what am I not getting here other than this is an absolutely fantastic piece of 60s memorabilia? Is it because the Yogi’s unit is made out of plastic and therefore won’t get you pregnant? Seems like they were trying to combine a lot of 60s trends – yogis, hippies, flower power, beards and astrological signs – and tie it into sex. All of which makes for a fantastic kitsch product but one I still don’t understand.

  2. kookykitsch

    Perhaps the “unit” is tied in a knot to, as Dr. Stangelove might have said, “preserve our essence”. More likely, the pregnancy protection is derived from the fact that a unit in such condition is more likely to provoke laughter than loving.

  3. denhamphery

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