4 Responses to “Amish Man Door Knocker”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not into collecting Amish anything but this is wonderful. When I first looked at it what caught my eye was the fact that the paint is so shiny on the face in contrast to the matte black all around it. I was going to award it a CertifiKitsch Of AuthenKitschity just on the basis of it being such an odd combo but seeing how this really operates it scores BIG on all fronts.

    What really kills me are the eyelashes drawn on the eyelids when the eyes are shut.

  2. Derybur

    Oh goodness, I remember this! Mom had one hanging on the kitchen wall with a matching lady.The entire wall was filled with Amish … everything! These always freaked me out… the eyes are so primative! lol The woman is just as bad! But, when they are closed… I always thought they were cool in her collection.

  3. Douglas Wood

    Can’t imagine what an entire wall of Amish stuff would look like, but must’ve been freaky. I grew up in an agnostic household so all my mom’s kitsch was secular.