6 Responses to “Boston Terrier Spice Set”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve seen a lot of spice racks but have never seen this one before. Are the dogs made out of plastic or ceramic?

    I love, love, love how some of their mouths get a little sloppy and aren’t quite fully painted in. They all have individual looks so I’m assuming that they’re hand-painted. Even the little toe demarcations aren’t consistent. The more homemade or crafty for me the better.

    When you say you probably paid too much can I ask how much that was? As long as you don’t overpay for everything it’s okay to indulge on a couple things you love.

  2. daleanne

    Hi!! The dogs are ceramic and they are definitely hand painted. I also really love the inconsistencies. They even look like each one has its own facial expression.

    I had seen this set on e-bay prior to this one, but this one was in the best shape – all the figures, no cracks or broken dogs, this set even still has all the rubber stoppers! I paid $120 for the set. Eeek! But you’re right – I do not overpay for everything so this was worth it to me.

    Thanks for your comments – love your site!!

  3. Allee Willis

    You’re allowed $120 on something that you can’t live without (as long as you can live without some things). Am happy that the dogs found a great home.

    I hope to see a lot more of your stuff posted here. If the dogs are any indication I know that will make all of us very happy.

  4. daleanne

    Good Morning – you know, I love it too, so I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in selling it. My suggestion to you would be to put a saved search in ebay and wait for one to come up. I searched on Boston Spice and Boston Bull Spice. Good Luck!!