Hot plates I picked up at the dump store

Submitted by denny May 12th, 2010

Found these 2 at the dump store. I went to the “Plimouth Plantation” and was never so bored in my life and that says a lot as I do love history etc. The other hot plate, well, I don’t quite get. Love the designs but have no idea what the 17 is supposed to symbolize. This one has a hanging hook on the back.

5 Responses to “Hot plates I picked up at the dump store”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m more the 17 tile type (which I suspect is the number of necessities pictured on the tile though I only scanned quickly). Plimouth Plantation is a little too quaint for me whereas 17 kind of get going with the eyeglasses, almost atomic looking ice cream dish and the like.

    I use tiles is hot plates a lot though they don’t seem to be as ubiquitous in other kitchens as in decades past.

    What’s the difference between Plimouth and Plymouth? I can only hope that it’s a misspelling in which case it’s way better kitsch.

  2. denny

    That’s how it was spelled when founded, “Plimouth”. Then it changed many years to later to “Plymouth”. I heard about the story behind the change of name but details escape me….

  3. Derybur

    Great trivets! I think I can help a bit here… The top one, the 17 trivet is a birthday trivet from the early to mid 70’s. I remember them! I was too young for the hippie age really… but, the younger folks in the 70’s had stuff geared towards them as well. Right around then Hope chests were just beginning to make a come back or a resurgence… lots of things for young girls birthdays were geared towards being a girl but, at the same time… getting you ready for womanhood by learning to use a trivet geared for your age!
    Can you believe it! I can… I lived it! lol