The Orchids (UK Girl Group from Coventry – 7″ single cover art)

Submitted by denny May 15th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I just came across this group on line and at some point, this all girl group was judged by The Beatles on the show, “Juke Box Jury”.

Promo shot.

“Love Hit Me” b/w “Don’t Make Me Mad”

“Mr Scrooge” sheet music.

“I’ve Got That Feeling” on Decca Records.

B&W shot.

“Gonna Make Him Mine”

Color shot.

Love the doily collars.

Miss Butterfly Frames is my favorite.

15 Responses to “The Orchids (UK Girl Group from Coventry – 7″ single cover art)”

  1. denny

    The girl that wears the glasses is my favorite “Orchid”. Am I seeing things or do these girls have collars on every outfit that they wear?

  2. Celiene

    Oh my. Wow – check this out!

    WOW! Now I have something new to search for in my travels:

    “The Orchids have never quite been forgotten, due to a combination of factors: their image, their sound, their association with Talmy, Page, Berns, Oldham et al, and their standing as a rare example of a true British teenage girl group. They command almost cult status amongst enthusiasts of the girl group sound and “Oo-Chang-A-Lang”, “Soldier Boy” and “Love Hit Me” remain three of the most sought-after records of the genre on both sides of the Atlantic.”

    “Cult status” translates into: BIG BUCKS!

    • Allee Willis

      I already paid my dues on The Color Purple. No more writing shows for a while (though that was an incredible experience). Leave the girl groups to Shaiman and Whitman. Though go Orchids!

  3. denny

    I love shopping. Estate sales are fun too but make me feel odd when tramping around someone’s house who had just passed away. I went to a lot of them on Cape Cod. I just hope that the folks that passed are looking down on us and are happy that their once beloved goodies have ended up here on awmok.