See NYC on a Sightseeing Bus

Submitted by MyFunCloset May 18th, 2010

Snapped in April ’09 at an open cafe near Houston Street in NYC. I was amused by the first sight seeing bus, but then another and another followed. This was the route all these buses took. What fun it is to see Manhattan through tourist eyes on a warm spring day.

2 Responses to “See NYC on a Sightseeing Bus”

  1. Allee Willis

    I know these buses add a lot of spirit to the city but boy are they a pain in the butt to be behind if you’re driving or being driven! I do love how excited everyone always is on the top level though.

  2. Planet Joan

    I once saw a great documentary about a guide Aboard Gray Line Tours double-decker buses.His name was Timothy “Speed” Levitch, he divulged an orgy of trivial facts and vitriolic philosophies.The name of the documentary is “The Cruise”.