’50’s Cowboy & Indians Glasses…

Submitted by MyFunCloset May 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Just love the graphics on these 50’s drinking glasses. Part of my cousin’s forgotten stash when he was cleaning out the basement. This and the 3 space boy glasses are all that’s left. Nice when old things aren’t tossed, but saved and discovered decades later.

6 Responses to “’50’s Cowboy & Indians Glasses…”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love these glasses! They may have actually been jelly jars. It was a big trend in the 50s when companies like Welch’s did special promo jelly jars that you kept to use as glasses.

  2. MyFunCloset

    That’s what I was thinking too but was not positive. I can’t remember us having glasses like this, but I just loved grape jelly on really soft white bread.

  3. Sharon

    I knew there were other glasses out there to match the one I have but, I had never seen them. These are great! I had one of a space boy on it. Which had all the little white blocking around it like these do. The graphics caught my eye as well.
    None of my drink ware matches! On purpose! One day a young woman was here and I overheard her whisper to another guest, how none of the glassware matches and began to giggle! I turned to her and cited, I love glassware of all types and don’t want to commit myself to a boring matching set. Not only that… this way everyone can always tell which glass is theirs! And they usually bring good topics of conversation as well! And more than that… I love to have some fun things in my life. Who said growing old does not have to be fun! Now… none of her glasses match either! lol