6 Responses to “Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra “Melodies In Gold” on DOT Records”

  1. Allee Willis

    This model looks like this was a 22 hour photo shoot. She looks pretty beat for someone who just had to stand in that pose wrapped in a curtain. I’m not sure what her relationship is to all the suspended instruments but I’m pretty sure what her relationship was to Billy.

  2. windupkitty

    Right on!!! i have this record! My favorite thing: her lipstick looks impossibly smeared..almost into her nose…glad to see it wasn’t just an ink mishap on my album….everyone should be able to enjoy it! she looks pretty trashed too….maybe the floating instruments are part of her DT’s trip…..

    • Allee Willis

      Hello, Windup!! I know you know your album covers and I’m elated to hear that the smeared lipstick and smashed look of the model in general isn’t just because the LP cover has aged and sagged or this photo is so small. I never considered that the model was actually the subject of the LP as opposed to the instruments so perhaps you are right that the instruments are a manifestation of her mushroomed mind.

      • windupkitty

        hahaahh! yeah! she looks pretty ripped…whenever i look at this, i picture her saying”dude, you guys, are you seeing those instruments floating around???” at least it’s not bad trip!!! mushroomed mind…i’m so using that expression…..