2 Responses to “and the Lord said…Wear Flairs made from Aunt Winnies Dining room”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love that they’re “Americas No.1 Musical Family” and I would bet that none of us have ever heard of them. And if any of us ever did I doubt it would be for their singing chops so much as the astounding eye candy created with the magnificence of their brilliantly cheesy polyester garb.

    Can you imagine the sewing nights that must have occurred at the Rhode’s place? For sure all the women were stitching away and they all probably drank Kool-Aid and watched King Family specials for inspiration.

    Ester, make sure and see this post: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2010/05/09/alice-williams-sings-with-mom-dad-inspirational-lp/ You’re probably already familiar with this cover. We were so excited about the nauseatingly fabulous clothes and the singer, Alice Williams, got in touch with us after this was posted. She also sent me two more of her albums, equally inspired wardrobe wise. Maybe we’ll get lucky with one of the Rhodes.