One Response to “a most enticing clock/radio/lamp combo”

  1. Allee Willis

    Of course, I would love to see a full view but just from this detail shot I can see that enough lack of integration was going on to know that this is excellent kitsch. Some person or company decided to combine the big three bedside essentials: a clock, a radio and a lamp. And then that’s exactly what they did with no apparent further thought as to how to artistically integrate the three objects. Let’s just screw them into each other. Boom, as simple as that! A completely plebeian nuts and bolts and nothing more approach to the task. The brilliance, of course, is in the name, “ROYAL THREESOME”, as if it’s a deluxe version of this three-way combo when in reality it’s the least royal arrangement of elements possible.

    I also really love the gold trim on the clock and then all silver on the radio speaker and trim.