Vintage Ridin’ Fishin’ Huntin’ Wall Hangings

Submitted by Douglas Wood June 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I bought this set of 3 wall hangings years ago at a garage sale and thought if I ever get a summer cabin these would be the first things to go on the wall. Each square is about 9″ in diameter, carved out of wood, and hand-painted. Each pair is connected by a piece of string. My guess is that these are from the 1940’s– wish I knew more about them.

5 Responses to “Vintage Ridin’ Fishin’ Huntin’ Wall Hangings”

  1. Allee Willis


    I’m so not the ridin’, fishin or ‘huntin’ kind but I would’ve snapped these up in a second. I think they could even be 1950’s because the emotions are so exaggerated. It’s the real happy fish that’s making me think so.

    These are superb. I don’t know if I’d wait for the summer cabin to put them up.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Allee– could you elaborate on the 1950’s/exaggerated emotions comment? I’m always trying to learn more about how to date things. I can sometimes make an educated guess based on a certain color palette or design element but would love to hear more about what you mentioned. Thanks…

  3. Douglas Wood

    Yeah, the whole leisure time sensibility makes sense for this item. I bet you’re right– that these are from the 50’s.

    I checked out your update and just looking at the penny again it does strike me as being more 1920’s than 1960’s. I’m sure someone will eventually provide you with more info and may even know what specific event took place here in L.A. at that time.