Adverts From “Top Secret” Magazines

Submitted by denny June 26th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found that the adverts in these mags are almost better than the Hollywood gossip that is being written about here.

I do own an Accordion, maybe I should try this.

I got the fever.

I love it. A false plate in 24 hours.

I’d kill for this!


Ovid? What the hell?

Love this one!

We laughed like crazy over this one! Love the garters and the line, “lusty, merry recreation”.

“Scantie Panties” for only $3.98.

Love this advert and love it even more that a ad for buying a gun is right above the lady listening in on her suitor….

I’m wondering why the figure working here looks like an insect? Is that supposed to be a light bulb for a head here?

This is the kind of image I once had on my inked up backside but have since had her covered up.

Nervous spells, fainting spells, restless, moody, I think I need this product.

This blows me away and I just know that these fabulous artifacts ended up in garbage somewhere. This I would kill for, well not really….but it is quite fab.

No thank you but still a cool ad.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

2 Responses to “Adverts From “Top Secret” Magazines”

  1. Allee Willis

    As far as I was concerned, the ads in the back of magazines were always better than the stories themselves. I was a sucker and ordered lots of stuff, all of which never worked, broke and were very cheaply made. I’m sure I would have gone for the Listen-in Coil and the set of luggage for less than three dollars had I been reading Top Secret, which I wasn’t. It also always amazed me how things like music lessons and false teeth were mixed in with sex themed ads.

  2. denny

    The back of old magazines was a whole other world. I’m not old enough to remember ordering anything from the back of them but they sure do fascinate me. I’m a huge fan of vintage lingerie adverts!