4 Responses to “Cat Tea Set”

  1. Allee Willis

    This set is fantastic! Incredible that you have so many pieces and all in such perfect condition. The tea pot especially kills me with that long tail spout. Molly was indeed a lucky and loved kitty to have such a fine tea set in her honor.

  2. denny

    It is so rare when you get the whole set. I think I need to have this set please! :) I too am an animal lover (I work for an animal rescue on Cape Cod) and soooo miss my cat! This is a lovely set and a loving tribute to a feline that once brought you tons of joy! Love your stuff and love it even more that you dig animals! Is the entire set in mint shape?

  3. denny

    I recently found the 2 pieces to this set from the third picture! Thought of you and how envious I am that I don’t have the entire set. Love the kitty profile pic!