Hippie Car at 1968 San Francisco Art Festival

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell June 27th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

The owner of this car had fastened all kinds of stuff to the whole car but I thought the hood and windshield summed up the variety of attachments best. Bottle caps, junk jewelry, etc. were attached. The front bumper was covered with old tennis shoes. Inside the windshieldyou can see a Colonel Sanders bobble head doll. The owner was also selling postcards of his “masterpiece”.

3 Responses to “Hippie Car at 1968 San Francisco Art Festival”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is definitely a masterpiece in any and all senses of the word. I love stuff like this. Just from the dashboard, it’s an incredible documentation of Pop Culture at the time. If you have any more shots of the car it would be great if you could put them in another post. This car should be seen in full as it’s way more than just a bunch of junk glued onto a car. It’s 1967 better than any book could tell it.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Look at all the work on here- a unicorn, goofy, pluto, a rubber ducky, sea shells, a buddha, this must’ve taken the guy a good amount of time to finish! I would be thrilled to know what kind of car it was. I would guess this is the back, the trunk, rather than the hood, right? Wow!

  3. Bob Ramsdell

    Thanks, Mark, for commenting on my Hippie car picture. I think you may be right about being on the trunk instead of the hood. I have another picture (unfortunately in b/w) that shows the whole car and the windshield is clear so the guy could see where he is going. I bet the cops pulled this guy over often just to check out just how weird it was.
    Bob Ramsdell, Albany, Oregon