Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 3

Submitted by denny July 2nd, 2010
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The tour continues.

Another fabulous door with a port hole! Love the shape of this one.

It’s always an adventure at “Willis Wonderland”. Can we say light bulbs by “Skrip”!

Riverside Market Sign that sits above the bar made by Allee. A favorite set for me is the green fiber glass chairs and table to the far right!

Note the acrylic grapes hanging from the tree. It’s one of my favorite lamps at “Willis Wonderland”.

This yard made me feel like I stepped into a 1950’s movie.

What a fabulous way to store things but in gigantic drawers hidden behind tiki masks.

6 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 3”

  1. Allee Willis

    Photo #1: I found the porthole off of vintage 50s boat, the push/pull door pull and the vintage lock all on eBay. I collect things like this all the time in case I ever have the opportunity to do things like build a door, which I finally got to do when I built this pool house office.

    Photo #2: The boxes of Scrips aren’t lightbulbs. They’re pristine bottles of fountain pen ink in the fabulous vintage colors of Peacock Blue, Emerald Green and Purple.

    Photo # 4: The acrylic grapes lamp is huge, 20 inches long, which is hard to tell in the photo. I’ll post it in my Kitsch O’ The Day blog soon so you can see detail.

    Photo # 6: To the best of my knowledge this is the world’s largest chest of drawers. It’s 12′ x 20′. I built it in 2002 with Mark Tomorsky.

  2. denny

    The drawers just kill me! I could have gone through them for hours. Maybe I will next time. It’s that book hut I want to go through too and I can just imagine the titles I will come across.

  3. Michael Ely

    Awesome in every way down to every little detail.

    Think the chest of drawers should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. My goodness, some of those drawers look big enough to live in!