3 Responses to “KFC baby”

  1. Allee Willis

    This photo drives me absolutely nuts it’s so fantastic! Everything about it is so completely inappropriate other than the fact that someone would wear overalls to eat KFC.

    I know my first comment should be about the baby and the food they’re sticking into his mouth but I have to say my absolute favorite thing about this photo is the blend of the super shag carpeting into the backdrop photo. That’s superb work and the art director is to be commended.

    I also really love that one bucket or one box of chicken was not enough for this child whose head is already sufficiently porky to suggest what he grew up to look like. I really like the one bucket that’s him slightly obscured by the flashbulb glare and how it’s literally balancing on the bump on the log.

    I’m assuming that this child belongs to whoever owned this KFC franchise. I I weren’t slightly oversized myself I would steal this idea for a press shot right now.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    i love the river and the bridge in the background, and yes, allee, the blend forward into the shag is brilliant… i’d really really like to see more of the “kfc baby gallery”…