The Evangelites “What Ya Gonna Do” – inspirational LP

Submitted by denny July 3rd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this at the dump closer to my house yesterday. I wasted no time since arriving back on the Cape from LA. This is priceless and if you look closely the guys shoes are dirty as hell. Excuse the pun.

Fabulous shoes.

Rockin’ n’ rollin’ with the Evangelites.

10 Responses to “The Evangelites “What Ya Gonna Do” – inspirational LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Really stunning! The boys have matching haircuts and so do the girls. The tuxes are killing me. There’s so much polyester in this photo that the air probably remained toxic once The Evangelites went home.

    Thanks for the feet close-up. Looks like there was a sale at Thom McAn’s.

    “What Ya Gonna Do?” sounds a little too street for a group such as the Evangelites.

  2. denny

    See what I mean! I was so floored by this I did not see the detail of their tuxes. Polka dots or checkered pattern?

  3. Douglas Wood

    My favorite thing about this is the fact that they’re all looking off-camera to the left, as if something mildly amusing were going on there. Then, on the back of the album, they’re looking in the other direction. Could the Evangelites be watching a holy tennis match?

  4. denny

    Believe it or not, this DOES have the lp in it. I have to set myself up again to listen to vinyl. Since being a part of it’s making me want to bust out the vinyl again and listen to this warped and fabulous goodness!