5 Responses to “Classicly Elegant KITSCH!!! (lounge edit)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Eleganza to the max. I love the lighting in this. Also love how relaxed everything is. Sometimes the makeup is so pale I am afraid the model is going to pass out, especially at :47. Although as a secretary at 1:00 she needs a massage. Go-go dancing and sets are exceptional. I always love to do my dreaming next to an air-conditioning unit. A total 60s charmer!

  2. Michael Ely

    I love commercials showing a beautiful, stylish woman admiring a beautiful, stylish kitchen, especially knowing that the model has probably never fried an egg in her life.

  3. Zeppy

    Greetings fellow KITSCH-a-teers,
    Last week a friend of mine sent me this wonderful YouTube link in an email. When I clicked on it, I was absolutely enamored with it. I noticed it has search keywords of “lounge edit.” So I searched YouTube with those keywords, and a BUNCH of Loung Edit clips popped up. Naturally, I played most of them; over and over again! I suppose there’s a person out there putting these together who can relate to 60’s Kitsch just like I can. Glory Hallelujah for these wonderful little exceptional vignettes!